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Graduation Speech College Is The Lock - 907 Words

On graduation day, universities and colleges grant their students with an official piece of paper stating that they have earned a degree of their interest. Most, if not everyone sees it as another form of money paper, because basically after the two, four or five years in college, this certificate is our primary income. The idea I see and hear a lot from the society and mostly from parents, that education will increase your chances of getting a job, provides you an opportunity to be more successful and be less stressful while making your parents proud. Summarizing these ideas, education is the key, therefore, college is the lock. At her commencement Speech in at Bowie State University in 2014, Michelle Obama questioned the decline in the will of African-Americans toward getting a higher education since 1800s till today. Michelle Obama stated that back in the days â€Å"Education meant nothing less than freedom. It meant economic independence, a chance to provide for their families†(1) Rather than pursuing a college degree, many of these students are either dropping out, staying home and playing video games are becoming footballers and rappers. They lost their understanding of the true value of education. We usually don’t just lose an understanding of something; there must be reasons that cause us to move away from something that valuable. In this case, one of the reasons is the cost of college education has skyrocketed over the past 30 years, as Bloomberg Business showed, it hasShow MoreRelatedInvisible Man Character Analysis1533 Words   |  7 PagesIf you skipped from the end of the prologue of Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison, all the way until the protagonist’s eviction speech, you would probably pick up the plot and character developments without a problem. The first few ordeals described in the novel can be infuriating because of the narrator’s naà ¯ve outlook and his persistence in trying to follow a ‘respectable’ path upwards in life. All of the psychological shifts that lead up to the captivating scenario from the first few pages happenRead MoreHarvey Milk And Its Impact On The Gay Community1544 Words   |  7 Pageshowever he hid his love for opera from his friends (Shilts 1982: 8). Although he acknowledged himself as a homosexual in high school, he kept it a secret from everyone else. He attended the New York State College for Teachers in Albany where he majored in Mathematics and minored in History. Upon graduation, Milk entered the United States Navy serving during the Korean War. He served the nation for four years and was then discharged from the Navy as a junior grade lieutenant for suspicion of homosexualityRead MoreI Have A Dream Speech By Martin Luther King1662 Words   |  7 PagesDespite these advancements in racial equality, many Americans still remain staunch racists and maintain the mindset of superiority to blacks. Injustice is still apparent since blacks are targeted on a daily basis. Martin Luther King’s â€Å"I Have a Dream Speech† revealed these everyday social discriminations, as he projected his dream of a society that truly exemplified the Founding Fathers’ beliefs that all men are created equal and have the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happinessRead MoreCultural Capital: Japan1145 Word s   |  5 Pagestheir culture. Itd be fun to talk and see about a comparison as here, America and Japan. â€Å"Cultural Capital refers to non-financial social assets that promote social mobility beyond economic means. Examples can include education, intellect, style of speech, dress, or physical appearance† (Wikipedia 2014). Japan does have strictest school policy, because the Japanese has high-expectation for their future of the education of children. For Japanese students, â€Å"there are mounting public concerns that traditionalRead MoreThe Tragedy Of The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire1773 Words   |  8 Pagesstingy with money, earnest, and brutally honest. In 1902, she attended Mount Holyoke College, where she used her glibness to barely get by. Instead of focusing on improving her strengths, Frances’ professors sought to improve her weaknesses; Especially her moral ones. This was done with the idea in mind that if she were to overcome her shortcomings, she would be able to conquer anything life threw at her. After graduation, Frances struggled to find something meaningful to do with her life; That is theRead MoreColored Girls Porem2038 Words   |  9 PagesThe full title of the choreopoem by Ntozoke Shange is For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf. From the table of contents: dark phrases graduation nite now i love somebody more than no assistance im a poet who latent rapists abortion cycle #1 sechita toussaint one i used to live in the world pyramid no more love poems #1 no more love poems #2 no more love poems #3 no more love poems #4 somebody almost walked off wid alla my stuff sorry a nite withRead MoreHello Essay8946 Words   |  36 Pagespush against is significant to what Cedric Jennings has go up against, his problems that he has to face to break free. Chapter Summary: Students at Frank W. Ballou Senior High in Washington D.C gather together in the school gymnasium to hear a speech form Mayor Marion Barry. Mayor Barry is an African American man whom the teens as will as the citizens in the black community can connect with because he is just like them. The mayor was arrested after being caught in a hotel with some women and narcoticsRead MoreResearch Paper-Manila Hotel3275 Words   |  14 Pagesentirety of the war. The hotel survived the bombing of Manila and was later reconstructed. The political party of Ferdinand Marcos held its convention at the Manila Hotel before the February 1986 presidential election, and Corazon Aquino delivered a speech at the hotel that was a turning point in the campaign. In the following two decades, Mr. Marcoss wife, Imelda, could frequently be seen at the hotel. When she visited restaurants there, a red carpet and garlands were put out and the air was sprayedRead More111135197X 38570 Essay example17696 Words   |  71 Pagesyear. C 5. Correct I 6. First, we went to Italy. Then, we traveled to Austria and Germany. Finally, we visited Spain. I 7. The professor gave an introduction to the course yesterday, the first day of class. I 8. There are rumors that college tuition will be (OR is going to be) higher next year. C 9. Correct I 10. In my opinion, voting in elections is very important. Exercise 2 (page 22) 1. helps 2. is 3. have learned OR am learning OR have been learning 4. plans Read MoreNursing Essay41677 Words   |  167 PagesOH Anjli Aurora Hinman, Alumni Chair, Health Students Taking Action Together, Duluth, GA William D. Novelli, Distinguished Professor, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, Washington, DC Liana Orsolini-Hain, Nursing Instructor, City College of San Francisco, CA Yolanda Partida, Director, National Center, Hablamos Juntos, UCSF Fresno Center for Medical Education and Research, Fresno, CA Robert D. Reischauer, President, The Urban Institute, Washington, DC John W. Rowe, Professor, Mailman

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Strategies For Addressing Limited Health Literacy

Assessments such as the Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine, the Test of Functional Health Literacy in Adults, and the Newest Vital Sign, which are routinely used in research settings, measure only patient reading and/or numeracy skills and do not address the broad constellation of skills that the health literacy concept encompasses (40-43) . Furthermore, these tests differ from one another in terms of their focus and the skills they measure; research has shown that they often perform differently even when used in the same study sample (42, 44). Finally, these assessments require in-person administration, and while relatively short, may be difficult to administer privately in a busy clinic setting. Strategies for Addressing Limited Health Literacy Increasing health literacy skills on a population level is likely to require substantive improvements to the US educational system, health care system, and society at large. However, there are a number of concrete steps that providers can take to help address the problem of limited health literacy in clinical practice. These include adopting clinical communication strategies, improving print materials, and optimizing modalities for patient education. Clinical Communication Strategies In 1998, the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates adopted a policy recognizing limited literacy as a barrier to diagnosis and treatment(45). Missed or inaccurate diagnoses can arise when physicians communicate poorly with theShow MoreRelatedMedical Information And Health Care1516 Words   |  7 Pagesvarious difficulties such as access to health care network, understanding of treatments, recommendations, and instructions. It this paper, the writer describes the formulation of the policy that helps to improve patient health literacy, communication, and information that related to health issues. Also, describes the evidence that needs to formulate a policy, alternatives, and selection criteria of policy, and its outcome. Problem context: patients who have limited knowledge of medical information mayRead MoreChildhood Obesity : An Adult Condition917 Words   |  4 Pagesrates. World Health Organization, defines obesity as â€Å"excessive fat accumulation that may impair health† and is related to conditions such as type two diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and psychological impairments (Rabbitt Coyne, 2012, p. 731). For the nurse to be successful in any family nursing position, she or he will need to understand the concepts of family nursing which are based on three foundational components including how the family is defined, the components of family health, and the elementsRead MoreEssay on Leadership Vision1194 Words   |  5 Pagesdedication to improving health awareness and literacy among patients†. While simple and direct, I feel that this statement best summarizes my leadership vision for the future of nursing and institutional healthcare. Vision Concepts Throughout this section, I will be citing various sources that support my leadership vision. The key concepts of my vision are: a) Enhanced quality of care, compassionate â€Å"patient-first† service, b) dedication to healthcare literacy, and c) effectively changingRead MoreThe High Rates Of Childhood Asthma1198 Words   |  5 PagesAs a county public health official you have a goal to Improve the county’s profile on RWJF’s County Health Rankings. To achieve this you are trying to outline a plan to address the high rates of childhood asthma in the community. Here is a case that illustrates the problems faced. Raeshawn is an 11-year-old African-American boy who experiences difficulty breathing during gym class at school. He’s had prior hospitalizations due to his asthma. He lives in a housing development with ongoing problemsRead MoreFood Security Is A Basic Right Of Man And An Essential Condition For A Populace1606 Words   |  7 Pagessignificant health issue of the public. For instance in Canada, it is a social health determinant. Nonetheless, food security has not been realized by all society members. Food insecurity is experienced when frequent access to food that is nutritionally sufficient and safe is limited or indeterminate. In Canada, for instance about 8.1% of households experienced moderate to severe insecurity of food in the year 2011 (1). One of the main reasons for food insecurity is declining health of the oceanRead MorePh Business Skill Management Tool Beam Scenario Ideas1462 Words   |  6 PagesScenario Ideas Summary Level of Development Problem Solving Strategic Thinking Root Cause Analysis Plan, Do, Study, Act Critical factors for success Identifying and Mitigating risks Health and Well-Being for All, Focus: Asthma As a county public health official you have a goal to Improve the county’s profile on RWJF’s County Health Rankings. In order to achieve this you are trying to outline a plan to address the high rates of childhood asthma in the community. Here is a case that illustrates the problemsRead MoreUnderstanding The Blood Pressure Readings, Glucose And A1c Levels1308 Words   |  6 Pagesthe conversation by addressing Mr. Anderson’s concerns up front to build rapport and trust. I personally would call Mr. Anderson when I had enough time to not have rushed conversation. In my practice as a certified diabetes educator I blocked time out for these type of phone calls or called the patient during my lunch time or the end of the day. How would you explain the benefits of the baby aspirin and blood pressure medication to Mr. Anderson? I would begin with addressing up from with Mr. AndersonRead MoreHealth Knowledge And Positive Dietary Change Essay1974 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction: For limited income and limited education individuals, low-nutrition health literacy affects the understanding of and adoption of nutrition recommendations. That causes implications on health outcomes of families. For practitioners, understanding the relationship between health knowledge and positive dietary change will enable health educators to be involved in the development and delivery of evidence-based strategies that meet the needs of low-health-literacy. A review of recent researchRead MoreChronic Condition Of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus1724 Words   |  7 PagesAccording to the World Health Organisation (2017), Diabetes is one of the leading causes of mortality in the world, representing 60% of all deaths, along with heart disease, stroke, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases. T1DM can be frustrating for a child and stressful for the family. With culturally appropriate support and education, diabetes can be well managed and improve quality of life. In this report, a brief description of T1DM is explained, diabetes health strategies are mentioned in howRead MoreHow Public Health System Helps Improve The Quality Of Life And Health Of People847 Words   |  4 PagesPublic health has developed to address several issues, including chronic diseases, infectious diseases, birth defects, injury prevention, violence, and bioterrorism. The knowledge gained through the social sciences, Biostatistics, epidemiology, laboratory science, pharmacology, proteomics, genomics and biochemistry has facilitated the advancement and growth of public health. In addition, the involved practitioners vary. In addition to the nurses, doctors, nutritionists, and engineers, the system

Shut Down Facebook Free Essays

Shut down Facebook Facebook has become a place where everyone wants to be nowadays. Not only is it wrong to be on there every single day, it is also unhealthy, which is why Facebook should be banned. People no longer care about going out and making friends. We will write a custom essay sample on Shut Down Facebook or any similar topic only for you Order Now Instead, they rather stay inside and become friends with people they do not even know on Facebook. These kinds of actions can be really dangerous. People can easily create Facebook accounts, meaning that it is also easy to portray someone they’re not. No one ever knows who really is sitting behind that computer screen. Especially young people, they can be ignorant at times thinking they know their friends good enough to give them their information. Most people are unaware of how easy it is for a stranger to collect all of their information. Another bad thing about Facebook is all the drama it can cause between friends, families, or any kind of relationship. It is sad how arguments are posted for the whole world to see. Teenagers every so often lie about their age just so they do not have to ask for their parent’s approval. This in most cases happens because teenagers are doing things they’re not suppose to. In addition, people sometimes tend to hide their identities on purpose to do unpleasant things such as stalking, and bullying. There are also sick people who create fake Facebook accounts to harass little kids. Facebook is not good anymore. Many people are taking advantage of it and it is better for it to be shut down for good. No one needs Facebook, anyone can survive without it. It is healthier to be out there living life than sitting behind a computer talking about it. It would certainly make a change if Facebook were banned forever. How to cite Shut Down Facebook, Essay examples

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The Hydrogen Bomb Essay Example For Students

The Hydrogen Bomb Essay Thesis StatementThe hydrogen bomb is a nuclear weapon in which light atomic nuclei of hydrogen are joined together in an uncontrolled nuclear fusion reaction to release tremendous amounts of energy. The hydrogen bomb is about a thousand times as powerful as the atomic bomb, which produces a nuclear fission explosion about a million times more powerful than comparably sized bombs using conventional high explosives such as TNT.The Hydrogen BombThe Atomic Bomb Was A Essential First Step toward the Development of the Hydrogen Bomb, Before the atomic bomb was developed by the united states during World War II, there was no way to produce the extreme amounts of heat needed to initiate the fusion reaction of the hydrogen bomb. We will write a custom essay on The Hydrogen Bomb specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Even after World War II, the hydrogen bomb faced many political and technical obstacles. The U.S. government gave priority to perfecting and stockpiling atomic bombs, and scientist discovered that initiating a fusion reaction was more than simply placing a container of hydrogen near a fission trigger. Tension to develop the hydrogen bomb increased in the United States after the Soviet Union set off its first atomic bomb in August 1949. The Military, the joint congressional committee on Atomic Energy, and several noted physicists, including Edward Teller And Ernest Lawrence, called for creation of a so-called super bomb, but the General Advisory of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), chaired by J. Robert Oppenheimer, in agreement recommended that the bomb should not be developed, because of the technical difficulties involved, the need to enlarge the Atomic Bomb reserve, and because of moral considerations. A Majority of the AEC supported this decision and passed their recommendation on to President Harry S. Truman. A National Security Council report recommend otherwise, however and at the end of January 1950, Truman ordered that the United States should investigate the possibility of producing hydrogen bombs. Edward Teller was placed in charge of the investigation. The decision to move ahead with the Hydrogen bomb development was made in response to U. S. perceptions that the USSR was close to producing its own Hydrogen Bomb. Thermonuclear devices were tested was to begin in 1952, and by 1954, both the United States And The USSR have achieved Hydrogen Bomb capability. Since That Year each side has developed nuclear arsenals that are almost entirely composed of fusion weapons, rather than fission weapons. They have reached a strategic condition that promises total destruction.Early H-bomb Designs called for the use of deuterium, a hydrogen isotope of mass 2, as the primary fuel. It Was Soon Recognized that pure deuterium was difficult to burn, but that reaction could be speeded up by mixing tritium, a hydrogen isotope of mass 3, with the deuterium. Since tritium does not occur in nature, several reactors were built along the Savannah River, in South Carolina, to manufacture it. The light isotope of lithium was bombarded with neutrons on these reactors to form tritium and helium. The tritium could then be burned with deuterium.The First Completely Successful Hydrogen Bomb Test involved an experimental device that burned pure deuterium liquefied under great pressure and low temperature. This device, which was detonated in the Mike test at Eniwetok, in the Pacific Ocean, on November 1st, 1952, with a yield of 10 megatons (the equivalent of 10 million tons of TNT), proved the viability of the basic ideals of a super bomb. A year before the Mike test, scientists had shown a different way of using fusion in nuclear weapons, the so-called booster principle. Unlike the super bomb, which used a small Atomic bomb simply to ignite the huge hydrogen burn that produced its tremendous yield, the booster bomb used a nearly large fission explosion to ignite a small hydrogen burn neutrons produced by the hydrogen burn were then used to increase, or boost, the ability of the continuing fission reaction.In 1953 the Soviet Union exploded a small booster device that used dry lithium deuteride, instead of liquid deuterium or a mixture of deuterium and tritium, as fuel. The neutrons released by the Atomic bomb explosion created tritium on the spot, which then fused with the deuterium in the compound. .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e , .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e .postImageUrl , .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e , .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e:hover , .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e:visited , .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e:active { border:0!important; } .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e:active , .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u0eef88d3994b5452d1596068e0f1ba2e:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: - The Taming of the Shrew Essay This method made it needless to produce expensive tritium in reactors and made it possible to build deliver fusion weapons that could fit into an airplane. The United States exploded a 15-megaton super device using this principle in the Bravo test at Bikini Atoll on March 1, 1954 a Soviet test followed a year later.In following years, development efforts were directed toward perfecting Hydrogen bombs of various sizes that could be delivered by aircraft, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), and submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs). Bombs range in size from small-yield tactical weapons to the 60-megaton bomb exploded by the So viet Union in 1961. The 60-megaton Soviet bomb is believed to have consisted of the first two parts of a fission-fusion-fission bomb. Such a bomb combines the principles of the super and the booster: a fission explosion ignites a fusion reaction that in turn causes the fissioning of the bombs uranium wrapper. Because fission explosions produce more radioactive particles than fusion weapons, F-F-F bombs would be especially unsafe for the environment. The world first became alerted to the dangers of fallout from H-bombs after the 1954 Bravo test, when radioactive ash fell on nearby islanders and a Japanese fishing boat. Public protests against testing in the atmosphere led to the 1958 suspension and to the 1963 Partial Test Ban Treaty, which prohibits nuclear explosions in the atmosphere, in outer space, and underwater but allows them underground. Of the five Hydrogen bomb nations, three (the United States, the Soviet Union, and Britain) agree to this treaty France and China have declined to sign it.Unlike the Atomic bombs fission reaction, which stops when the pieces of uranium or plutonium fueling it fly far enough apart during the early stages of an explosion, the Hydrogen bombs fusion reaction has no abstract limit. Simply adding more hydrogen fuel may produce larger bombs. Since a 20-megaton bomb is estimated to be capable of destroying everything within a 16-km (10-mi) radius, however, little effort has been directed toward increasing existing yields. Attention has focused instead on developing smaller weapons with greater accuracy. BibliographyJohn Turner. The Arms Race. New York: Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge, 1988.Mark Lambert, Keith Lye, Ron Taylor and Keith Wicks. All Color Book of Science Facts. New Jersey: Chartwell Books Inc, 1984. James Stokley. The New World of the Atom. New York: Van Rees Press, 1970.

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glacier national park essays

glacier national park essays Picture this: You are camped out about 7:00 or so in a valley by a large lake. A mirrored image of the snow peaked mountains lay still in the ice cold water. The cool glacier air opens up your lungs as you inhale the moist air. The sun starts to set around 9:00 an a feeling of aloneness, and uncertainty surrounds you. The sound of silence soon gives way to coyotes, owls, and other animals in the area that start to haunt you. Although it is night time the sky is still present, and The ceiling of the park is enormous and remind us of how small we really are. Glacier National Park is located in the northwest corner on Montana. The park consists of over 1600 miles of natural beauty, 1600 miles can get you to Florida back. The Park contains over 250 lakes, over 50 glaciers, over 1100 native wildlife flowers, and is home to over 50 different species of animals. Glacier National Park is incredible because of its natural beauty, its isolation from the world, and its uniqueness. 1.) Upon entering the park, perhaps the first thing noticed is the sky. When you look up and see the sky the thing you notice most is the size. You will see the whole sky, in comparison to around here where you see only parts of the sky. The different colors in the sky provide you with constant scenery. The area is appropriately nickname "BIG SKY COUNTRY." If you choose to drive through the park, you will drive on the appropriately name "GOING TO THE SUN ROAD." This is a 50 mile winding road that provides you various scenery such as Sperry glacier, the 2nd largest glacier in the park. This road is considered one of the worlds great scenic drives. It crosses the continental divide, at Logan pass, the roads most impressive point. Along this road there are several overlooks that let you see the parks picturesque beauty. According to Robert Scharff, a researcher on National Par ...

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Everything You Need to Know About F. Scott Fitzgerald

Everything You Need to Know About F. Scott Fitzgerald SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Curious about the man who created The Great Gatsby? Did you know that some of the events of this novel are actually based on things that happened to F. Scott Fitzgerald himself? This articlewillgive you a broad overview of Fitzgerald’s life, with a focus onthe autobiographical details that he laterworkedinto The Great Gatsby. Use this background on The Great Gatsby authorto further deepen your understanding of the novel, to connect it with the historical period that it's describing, and to better analyze the motivations of the characters. Fitzgerald’sEarly Life: Echoes of TheGreat Gatsby Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1896.When he was 15, Fitzgerald was sentto the Newman School, a prestigious boarding school in New Jersey. He stayed on theEast Coast to attend Princeton University, an Ivy League school. Fitzgerald was popular at Princeton. He did lots of creative writing for various student publications, including articles for the Princeton Tiger humor magazine and scripts for Triangle Club musicals. However, Fitzgerald’s extracurricular commitments caused him to neglect his studies, and even be placed on academic probation. Traveling home to St. Paul fromPrinceton in 1915, Fitzgerald met socialite Ginevra King. Beautiful, wealthy, and effortlessly charming, Ginevra was arguably the primary inspiration for Daisy Buchanan. Indeed, a recentlyunveiled collection of letters reveals how much Ginevracared for Scott, but alsoknew that she couldn’t marry a middle-class boy.In 1917, Fitzgerald dropped out of Princeton completely to join the army and fight in World War I (although he never actually saw action). A year later, Ginevra King wrote him a letter to tell him that she was engaged to marry another man. Fitzgerald was stationed inCamp Sheridan near Montgomery, Alabama. That’s where he met and fell in love with Zelda Sayre, the daughter of an Alabama Supreme Court judge. Zelda was another popular socialite, a free spirit who loved dancing, swimming, and partying. She also cared for Fitzgerald,but, like Ginevra, was wary of marrying a middle-class man without much money. The war ended in 1918 before Fitzgeraldwas ever deployed to Europe. He moved to NYC hoping to have a successful career in advertising and make enough money to convince Zelda to marry him. A few months later, hewent back to St. Paul to work on anovel. He also took a job repairing car roofs to help pay the bills. Fitzgerald's first novel, This Side of Paradise, published in 1920, was a semi-autobiographical account of his Princeton years, featuring the main character Amory Blaine, who is rejected by two wealthy girls. The novel was an overnight success, making 24-year-old Fitzgeraldone of the country’s most promising young writers. With his novel published and income assured, Scott married Zelda in NYC. They had a daughter named Frances soon after, in 1921, who would be their only child. Zelda remarked upon her birth â€Å"I hope she’s a fool, a beautiful little fool." Scott loved his new celebrity status and started living a really expensive lifestyle, which included lots of partying and traveling. In October 1922, the Fitzgeralds moved to Great Neck, a town on Long Island which served as the inspiration for West Egg in The Great Gatsby. Their neighbors were alsowealthy, famous, and veryâ€Å"new money.† Their contrast to the families in Port Washington, which sat across the bay from Great Neck, gave Fitzgerald the idea for the contrast between West Egg and East Egg in the novel. Ginevra King (left) and Zelda Fitzgerald (right) Biographical Similarities to Events in The Great Gatsby Like Fitzgerald, the novel's narrator Nick Carraway also grows up in the Midwest and then goes to college to an East Coast Ivy League school (although in Nick's case, it's Yale). Fitzgerald wrote for humorous publications at Princeton, while Nickdescribes aseries of â€Å"solemn and obvious editorials for the Yale News† (1.12). Gatsby's initial romance with Daisy is almost exactly what happened to Fitzgerald and Ginevra King. Gatsby meets Daisy Fay, a wealthy socialite, is unable to marry her because he is too poor, and leaves to fight in WWI only to have her marry Tom Buchanan. However, the way that Gatsby meets Daisy is similar to the way Fitzgerald met Zelda - while stationed at a military camp awaiting transfer orders to Europe. Unlike Nick and Jay, Fitzgerald never actually experienced fighting in WWI. After the war, Fitzgerald spent several months in New York trying to make it in the advertising business before coming back to St. Paul to write. Similarly, Nick spends a summer in New York trying to make it as a bond trader before coming back to the Midwest to write his memoir about Gatsby. Fitzgerald worked as a car mechanic while writing his first novel, which may have given him some insight into what George Wilson's life might be like. Zelda's comment on the birth of Frances Fitzgerald became one of Daisy Buchanan’s most famous lines in The Great Gatsby almost verbatim: "I'm glad it's a girl. And I hope she'll be a fool - that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." (1.8) Fitzgerald's life on Long Island had shades of Gatsby's parties and extravagant lifestyle, as well as his feelings of inferiority when thinking about the old money crowd across the bay in East Egg. Remember: art only imitates, but doesn't duplicate life. The High Life: Writing The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald continued to work on his novels in between partying and writing short stories. In 1922, he published his second novel, The Beautiful and the Damned, about a socialite waiting to come into his fortune. This novel, with its meditations on morality, love, and decadence, officially marked Fitzgerald as one of the great writers of the wealth, ambition, and extravagance of the Jazz Age. Fitzgerald began work on The Great Gatsby, his third novel, in June 1922. However, he was slowed down by debts, a move to the French Riviera, and conflicts with his wife. He really buckled down in 1924, telling his editor that Gatsby would be â€Å"a consciously artistic achievement† and a â€Å"purely creative work.† During thisperiod, Fitzgerald fell in with a famous group of modernists in Paris, including the novelist Ernest Hemingway and writer Gertrude Stein. The Great Gatsby was finally published in 1925. Despite Fitzgerald’s efforts, it was not as warmly received by critics as his previous two novels. It also failed to take off commercially. (Read our history of The Great Gatsbyfor more on how Gatsby was received in the 1920s.) End of Life: Fitzgerald's Unraveling After the publication of The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald suffered from alcoholism, something he had struggled with since Princeton, and writer’s block. Meanwhile, Zelda suffered from mental health problems and was often institutionalized. (She was diagnosed as schizophrenic, though many modern historians believe she could have also suffered from bipolar disorder.) In 1934, Fitzgerald finally published Tender is the Night, his fourth novel, about an American psychiatrist living in Paris. He continued to struggle with alcoholism and depression. In 1937, he moved to Hollywood to be a screenwriter and revive his career. Though he madesome money, he was never a critical success (there aren’t any must-see Fitzgerald films). Fitzgerald began the novel Love of the Last Tycoon while in Hollywood but died in 1940, at age 44, from a heart attack, before he could finish it. An unfinished version was eventually published in 1941. What to Take From the Life ofThe Great GatsbyAuthor If you’ve already read The Great Gatsby, you’ll notice pretty big parallels in the story to Fitzgerald’s real life: the Midwestern upbringing and education of Nick, with the military experience and love life of Gatsby. Fitzgerald makes Nick Carraway the narrator, not Gatsby. This may suggest that Fitzgerald saw himself as someone like Nick – someone observing a much more extravagant lifestylefrom the outside, rather than participating like Gatsby. It’s also important to understand Gatsby was written during the precarious peak of Fitzgerald’s life – while he was famous and living an extravagant lifestyle but before the most serious struggles with alcoholism, depression, and debt. You can't really tie any of Fitzgerald’s (or Zelda’s) most intense struggles with alcoholism or mental illness to Gatsby – you’d have to focus on Tender is the Night or Love of the Last Tycoon to do that. Instead, Gatsby is the book that came at the height of the 1920s and Fitzgerald’s life before he began to seriously struggle with alcoholism and depression – but it still has a melancholy undertone that strongly hints at the struggles to come. Further Reading Get a more detailed overview of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life, especially the later years. The New York Times: A feature that explores Scott and Zelda’s connection to Long Island and the possible Gatsby mansion inspiration. Princeton Alumni Weekly: Read more about Ginevra King, the possible inspiration for Daisy. What’s Next? Learn more about how The Great Gatsby was received when it first came out, and also read up about the 1920s so you can understand the economic, political, and cultural context of Gatsby. Excited to dive in? Check out our articles onGatsby’s title, its opening pages and epigraph, and itsfirst chapter. Or, zoom out first toa summary of The Great Gatsby, along with links to all ourgreat articles analyzing this novel! Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points?We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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Garrett Hardin's The Tragedy of the Commons. W7 disc Essay

Garrett Hardin's The Tragedy of the Commons. W7 disc - Essay Example By procreation, an adult couple locks up a portion of the common resources for the sustenance of the child. This includes the air, water, food and other material necessities that the child would require for survival. But people don’t aspire to merely survive – they want to ‘enjoy’ life’s comforts. So, the process of procreation also locks up more valuable natural resources for the child. Hence, the population problem is a core issue concerning the commons. Published first in 1968, Hardin’s essay displays foresight and identifies an emerging socio-political problem. In the four decades that has elapsed since it was first written, the population of the world has nearly doubled, making the relevance and intensity of the issues raised more acute. Citing the example of the pastoral commons, Hardin correctly points out how, if each herdsman looks after only his own interests, the common meadows will soon get ruined due to over grazing. In a world where resources are infinite, or its consumption is negligible (as when the population is too low), such unfettered consumption of resources makes logical sense for the individual and also the society. In this scenario, not only do the individual and his immediate community prosper, but the species is also propagated, constituting a common good. But the equation changes quickly, once resources become scarce, whereby the consumers feel the ‘finite’ nature of what they use. In thi s scenario, an individual looking after himself and his immediate community is no longer practically viable or morally proper. It is easy to transpose this argument concerning the common pastures to the population question. By analogy and deduction, it becomes quite clear that individuals/parents can no longer be afforded the right to procreate for their own interests. The idea of receiving government sanctions